Medikal drags D Black to the gutters for smoking with Fella amid their divorce rumor

Rapper Medikal has stated that a video of D Black lighting a cigar for his baby mama prompted him to announce their separation.

It should be noted that when D Black wished Medika well before his act at the 02 Arena, Medikal attacked him because he witnessed the rapper burning a cigar for his baby mom.

Medikal was offended by the video’s content and ridiculed D Black for what he done, believing it was inappropriate for his colleague to do so with his ex-wife.

In an interview with Accra-based Starr FM, Medikal revealed that he had to tell the world about their separation because he couldn’t bear people asking him why his lady was smoking a cigar in a club.

“Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t stretch things. I am a very respectful person. My big brother who is here is a Gee. He knows the Gee code and there are certain things that we don’t do. I am happy my senior man is here. I can’t see my big man’s wife in town and stand somewhere and smoke with her.”

“It’s not nice. I didn’t like that. Maybe he saw it to be cool or may be because of the relationship he has with the person. But the moment I tweeted about that, I felt some type of way at that time and he dropped a song. Now the song he dropped he said it’s an old song which I equally respect but within that time the lyrics or the content of the song is about what is going on. I felt some type of way about it and I’m a human being which is very normal for me to react.”

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I’m glad he’s here because of how we’re having this conversation. I wish I had met him somewhere and discussed it with him. That is the type of person I am. If anything bothers me, I get it out and move on,” he remarked.

He continued. “At the time, I realized we were done. Seeing it, even though the rest of the world was unaware, prompted me to announce our breakup. I didn’t want somebody to sit down and assume that my wife was doing it,” he explained.

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