Medikal Ends They Year With “Kabutey Flow”

One of Ghana’s popular rap artists Medikal is ending the year with a brand new song called “Kabutey Flow”. The song is a follow-up to the successful release of his Planning and Plotting album. Medikal is known as one of the best hip-hop rappers in West Africa. His flow and everything are always intact.

Kabutey Flow by Medikal is a song mixed with a touch of drill and dance. It was produced by a talented producer from Ghana called Atown Tsb. This song is something that will keep you dancing throughout the day. It is good to listen to it to release your stress during leisure periods, parties, and even this festive season.

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Kabutey Flow Song Length

The new song by Medikal is not either short or long. It lasts only for two minutes. You might think of the time being less but trust me it carries all the entertainment you will need. The song’s length is also good for the type of people who will always love to listen to short songs because of their daily activities.

The Producer

Atown Tsb is a well-known Ghanaian hip-hop music producer. He has so many years of experience making him good at creating hits. He has contributed to producing hits for artists like Sarkodie, Kweku Smoke, Joey B, and many more. His contribution to Medikal-Kabutey Flow makes it more interesting to listen to.

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Kabutey Flow Lyrics Review

The rapper started by emphasizing that if people see rap as a calling then he was called by Jesus Christ. He furthermore stated that Angel Gabriel brought him a microphone after he received the calling from Jesus Christ. This is very interesting.

In his second line he mentions that when his fans applaud him, it gingers his talent. According to the rapper, he was made by Kantanka. This verse allows him to boast of his strong fanbase. Kantanka is a Ghanaian automobile inventor. His cars are very strong and powerful so if Medikal says he was made by Kantanka then you should know how strong he is.

He continued and mentioned in one of the verses that if you call him and he couldn’t answer, don’t worry he might be asleep. We all know how stressful it is to be a great musician like Medikal. So it is normal for him to sometimes ignore your calls.

How To Listen To This Song

Medikal’s new song of 2023 is what we are recommending for you to add to your playlist. Are you thinking about how to listen to this song, don’t worry because we got you covered. The official audio and audio slides have been released on all Medikal streaming accounts. You can watch the audio slide of this song on YouTube via Medikal’s channel 

We hope this post was able to guide you in understanding well the new song by Medikal.

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