Men Men get scared to approach me – Lady cries out

A Tanzanian young lady has spoken out about the males who consistently turn her down due to her appearance.

Elsie, a Tanzanian woman, has disclosed how her appearance affects her romantic life. Elsie has a rare disorder called hirsutism, which allows her to grow facial hair and a beard.

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The young lady claims that because guys believe she is transgender, they are scared to date her.

Elsie spoke up to Wafasi Media and shared her feelings.

“I embraced who I am because it comes naturally. God gave me. However, I do confront a lot of difficulties. I want to be clear that I am a woman, despite what some people may believe about me being transgender.

“I am merely ok, but I am fortunate with one daughter. I look odd, so many people are curious when they see me, but I am simply a lady like any other. Men are afraid of me and frequently inquire about my gender identity from my pals.

Elsie can be seen in a video sporting a full beard and facial hair, just like a man.

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