My Boyfriend Left Me When I Told Him About The Pregnancy And Is Back After 15 Years To Claim His Child

We dated for 5 years with no issues. We didn’t have the money and other luxuries but we were acquainted with the little we had.

I was 22 years old when I left my parent’s home to stay with this man. My parents were so against it but when you’re in love, you think differently.

I don’t know what made me change my mind but after living with my boyfriend for 3 years, I decided to return home to my parents. He used to visit me and I also do the same.

I felt sick one day and the symptoms were not the usual headache and malaria I used to know thus, decided to visit the hospital for a check-up. After the lab test and the other proceedings, the doctor told me I was in my second month of pregnancy.

I was very happy and called him at that moment to share the news with him. He sounded happy and told me he would come over the next day.

The next day, it was almost evening and he hadn’t come to the house. I called but it wasn’t going through. It was unusual of him so I waited the following day but the situation was still the same.

I then decided to go to his house to find out what was happening. I got there and his room was vacant. I asked his next-door neighbor and he said he hadn’t been home for some days but he asked someone to come for his things.

I didn’t know what to do. I got home and broke the news to my parents about the pregnancy and the man abandoning me.

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The journey was not easy but God saw me through it. My son is now 15 years old and I am grateful to my parents for helping me raise him.

One day, this man out of nowhere came by the house after 15 years. He explained to me why he left and according to him, he was scared and didn’t know how to raise a child when he had no job and money but now, he is ready to accept full responsibility.

I just walked away after he ended his speech. I do not know what to say to him and he is always in my house for a response.

How do I go about this situation?

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