My Participation In Sports Betting Is Hindering My Ability To Develop Genuine Love For A Woman

Hello readers, I hope you and your followers are doing well. Thanks for your good work in society.

Sister Abena, I’m confused and I would like you and your followers to help me. I’m in my late 30s and I’ve experienced countless heartbreaks. Because of this, I decided to stay single and focus on myself. Since then, I haven’t developed feelings for any lady. All my attention is on three things: God, family, work, football, and betting.

Here’s the issue: I met a lady through a female friend, and she’s studying in a private nursing college in Sunyani. We started connecting, but initially, I wasn’t really feeling it due to my focus on betting. However, during the international football break (a time when I usually don’t bet), I decided to give it a try with this girl, and to be honest, she seemed more committed than I was. I started feeling the vibes and even thought I might be in love again.

Sister Abena, this girl sounds good, although I haven’t met her in person. However, she frequently goes out with different guys to hang out on weekends and tells me everything about it. She even hung out with military guys last week. Initially, I wasn’t bothered by these things because my heart is like Nana Addo and tax – I’ve been through a lot.

I thought everything was fine until club football resumed. I’m not feeling the vibes with this girl anymore, and I don’t respond to her or call her as I used to. My mind is now completely focused on my betting. I don’t have any friends; all I do is check Flashscore to monitor my games.

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I’m not too addicted to gambling, but I use it to keep my mind off certain things. I really want to settle down with a lady, but things aren’t working on my side. Please, how can I regain that sense of love?

Help a brother

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