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Ofoase Ayirebi robbery: Chinese miner loses testicle

A shocking armed robbery targeted Chinese miners at a mining site in Akyem Akokoaso, situated within the Ofoase Ayirebi constituency of the Eastern Region.

The brazen attack resulted in the shooting of at least five Chinese nationals, with three individuals currently in critical condition and hospitalized.

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One of the victims sustained a gunshot injury to the testicles.

According to reports, the robbery gang made up of approximately 15 members ambushed the miners at the office of Jia Xin Industrial mining company, which specializes in underground mining within old shafts in the area.

The robbers successfully made away with huge amounts of money in cash and two gold bars, demonstrating a calculated and organized approach to their criminal activities.

The robbers disabled the CCTV cameras by confiscating their decoders, effectively erasing any potential evidence of their identities or actions.

Remarkably, the attackers refrained from targeting other civilians during the operation, indicating a targeted assault on the mining company.

The victims were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment.

The incident has reignited longstanding tensions between the local community and Jia Xin Industrial Mining Company.

Accusations of illegal mining practices have plagued the company, with residents alleging that their extensive underground mining activities have caused significant damage to the area.

It is worth noting that Jia Xin Industrial Company acquired the prospecting license from Ofosua Mining and Construction Company in 2018, following approvals from then-Minister John Peter Amewu.

However, recent confrontations between the company and local youth have escalated, culminating in the arrest of 16 individuals from Akokoaso three weeks ago for illegal mining activities on the company’s concession, reportedly under the instruction of Chinese miners.

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This is the third robbery attack on the mining company within a short period.

The violent robberies underscore the precarious nature of mining operations in the region and highlight the urgent need for enhanced security measures and community engagement.

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