People Share The Weirdest Reasons Why They Got Fired From Work

One rude awakening most of us have had about adulting is that a lot of things happen to us that we have very little or no control over.

Yes, we know we have to be awesome at work to be able to hold down a job, however, it takes more than not just working effectively to get fired from a job you are desperately trying to hold down.

Sometimes, you can check all the boxes you are supposed to check, then something hits you out of the blue and the next minute you’re out of a job and have no clue where the next bank alert is coming from.

It can get really tough on these streets though you were just minding your business and doing what you’re supposed to do.

This latest Twitter conversation about the weirdest reasons why people got fired from their place of work just goes to prove that messed up things happen.

This is so messed up.

Fired and lost money as well.

This is not it.

‘Job done and be gone’ kinda deal.

Doesn’t make sense at all.

Not playing ball get’s you fired.

We need a parenting school.

Was the report necessary or not?

A lot of messed up things are happening at various places of work.

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