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Politicians must be forced to ‘swear by water’ before assuming office – Presidential aspirant

The Chairperson and leader of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Akosua Frimpomaa has proclaimed that it is about time Ghanaian politicians are made to swear their oath of office with water.

This, she said, is in accordance with the age-old traditional beliefs which has guided African societies till now.

“If we don’t add a water, it cannot be possible. We have to get back to what was working for us. We must tell Ghanaians we use the water in our everyday activities, hence it is very essential to use same in swearing in political leaders so they will accountable.

She explained most of the leaders are not truthful hence it is important to introduce our traditional system into out modern government structure.

“If you don’t add water to it, no matter your ideas, the people will use corruption to kill it. The corruption is so ingrained us, we even go to church to thank God for being corrupt,” she said.

She recommended that the act of swearing by a water ought to be made a bill which would subsequently be passed by Parliament and assented by the President for it to become law.

“You should not vote for anyone who refuse to take an oath of office using the water, but wants to enter Parliament. Don’t vote for such a person. Public service should be to serve the interest of the people. Going there to do something to help the citizens, because that is what we believe in,” she said.

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