Sexting Gone Right: A Short Guide For Getting Down And Dirty In The DM’s

The thing about sexting is that there are so many ways to get it wrong and very few ways to get it right. Here is a very short guide that will take your sexting game from a soft 3 to a strong 7 or more. Read, learn, grow and share with your bros.

1. Think Things Through Before You Say Them

If this is a new person that you want to try this with, make sure to police yourself a bit. Even if they are into it, saying the wrong thing can be a turn off. It’s important to try and remain respectful even you’re excited.

2. Be Unpredictable

Another thing you need to do is get a little creative. You want to find ways to tease the other person. Just try to surprise them and make it a fun experience.

3. Incorporate Pictures, Videos And Voice Notes

All the apps we use have access to some form of media features. And they are incredible for spicing things up—with consent obviously. You do have to put some effort into getting pictures right though (guys too!)

4. Use A Memory

If you’re talking with someone that you are familiar with, a great way to get the conversation started is to use a memory. Bring up a time that you were together and it’s bound to get things heated up.

5. Use A Fantasy

Sharing sexual fantasies that you have with anyone can be a disarming experience. However, it can also be a chance to deepen a connection that you share with someone; and get you more comfortable with each other.

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