Sexting Gone Wrong: This Is Everything That You Want To Avoid In The DM’s

When you’ve just started texting someone and there’s a mutual attraction, short of seeing each other in person, the next most exciting thing that’s going to happen is the sexting. However, navigating sexting as a guy can be difficult because we do be that horny. Here is everything that you want to avoid when you’re trying to sext that special someone.

1. Do Not Do Weird Stuff Without Consent

Sending a picture of your privates randomly isn’t great for setting a mood. Even though it’s over text, consent is still important. It can be cringy to put into words the fact that you want to get sexual. Instead, you can be suggestive and see how the other person reacts. Enthusiasm and curiosity can be good signs to go ahead. However, you should also be able to take a hint if the other person makes a joke or tries to change the subject.

2. Err … Don’t Be Too Direct

You don’t want to just jump into the gory details with the first text. Instead, you want to create a sense of anticipation. Take your time and hold back a bit. It’ll create excitement in the other person.

3. Don’t Rush It

There’s no need to rush to talking about all the … big boy stuff. Instead, play with their imagination a bit. Take things slow and focus on the build-up.

4. Don’t Get Distracted, It Kills The Mood

Finally, leaving—even for minutes at a time—when you’re sexting with someone can be a turn off for the person. People are also stimulated by interest. If they sense that you’re not, they will lose interest as well.

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