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This is the agency responsible for posting teachers in Ghana

Curious to uncover the guiding light behind teacher placements in Ghana? Enter the realm of the Ghana Education Services (GES), a beacon of educational direction under the Ministry of Education.

GES, a cornerstone in shaping educational policies and upholding academic excellence nationwide, stands as the key orchestrator in the teacher deployment process. Through its Private School Unit (PSU) and collaborative efforts with the IDP Foundation, GES not only ensures the distribution of educators but also nurtures their professional growth.

Embark on a journey to unravel how GES, in synergy with diverse educational entities, paves the way for a thriving educational landscape in Ghana, fostering a realm where teaching and learning flourish.

Government Agency Responsible for Teacher Deployment

The Ghana Education Services (GES) is the agency responsible for posting teachers in Ghana. As the primary government agency responsible for teacher deployment, GES plays a crucial role in ensuring that schools across the country have qualified educators.

Staying informed about Ghana Education Service news today is essential for understanding the latest updates on teacher postings and educational developments. GES works tirelessly to match teachers with schools based on various factors such as qualifications, subject expertise, and school needs.

Private Sector Support and Teacher Placement

For teacher placement in Ghana, consider private sector collaborations for enhanced support and opportunities. The Ghana Education Service (GES) recognizes the importance of private sector support in teacher placement.

Private schools in Ghana have a long-standing history, and GES has a dedicated Private School Unit (PSU) to provide support and training through programs like the In-Service Education and Training (INSET).

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Additionally, the IDP Foundation has been instrumental in supporting teacher capabilities and improving educational quality in collaboration with GES. Leveraging GES structures like INSET, the IDP Foundation offers training for teachers from schools in the IDP Rising Schools Program.

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