Vote for us, NPP is stealing dollars – NDC MP

National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Ada, Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah has drawn a distinction between members of her party and those in ruling New Patriotic Party when it comes to pilfering national coffers.

According to the opposition MP, the capability of NDC members when it comes to looting state funds cannot match what members of the NPP have the zeal to amass.

“Look at the corruption in their government now, you can’t compare it to NDC. After all, if NDC will steal coins. These people [the NPP] they will steal dollars. What are you talking about?” she told Joynews in an interview.

The NPP and the NDC, the two main political parties in Ghana have always accused each other of being corrupt.

However some critics have pointed out that both parties tend to rape the state kitty whenever they have the opportunity to manage the affairs of the country.

For such critics, the NPP and NDC feed on the suspicions of the Ghanaian public and rather focus on pointing out which party is more corrupt among the two instead of committing to the fight against graft.

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