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WATCH: Ghanaian borga breaks down in tears as hookup lady steals his GHC 52K without chopping

A Ghanaian man based in Germany, who returned to his homeland to celebrate Christmas, found himself at the centre of a distressing story as a lady he met at a popular drinking bar has absconded with his GHC 52,000.

The heartbroken man has turned to Aunty Naa to help him get his money back.

According to the man, he met the lady in question at the Golden Temple, a well-known drinking spot.

He immediately proposed love to her the very moment they met, and the lady, seemingly reciprocating the affection, agreed to date him.

The two soon found themselves living under the same roof after a swift courtship.

However, just two weeks into their cohabitation, he left home to attend to his car at a mechanic shop, only to return and discover that the lady had vanished, along with his hard-earned GHC 52,000.

The aggrieved man has reportedly initiated a series of searches, involving both himself and friends, to locate the lady and reclaim his money.

Despite these efforts, the woman remains elusive, leaving the man desperate for answers and justice.

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