WATCH: I’m not mad, my behavior is because of a cur$E on our family – Ghanaian TikToker cries

USA based Ghanaian TikToker Afrafrahemaa has cried out on how she sometimes behaves like a mad woman.

Born Enyonam, she’s gained internet fame with her weird reaction to social issues in Ghana on TikTok.

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In a minute video, she can mix up 10 different issues so she was given the name Afrafrahemaa, which translates to English as Queen of mixes.

Video sees her as a mentally unstable woman despite being gainfully employed in USA.

For the 2nd time after gaining fame, she’s made a video to cry explaining to her followers that she is not a mad woman.

According to her, her mental issues are consequences of her mother’s decision to abandon their family religion for Christianity.

She says her mother is the youngest person to be a priest in their village but her brothers managed to convince her to abandon the deity for Christianity and life hasn’t been the same for the mother’s children.

Enyonam says all her mother’s children are suffering from same mental issues and she believes it’s a curse on her for abandoning the gods of her Ewe forefathers.



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