Watch: Masturbation not a sin against God – Pastor Chris

Founder and leader of Loveworld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has stated that masturbation is not a sin before the Christian God.

The famous televangelist while answering a question on ‘how one can stop masturbation’ established that masturbation is not a sin in the eyes of God.

According to him, many Christians believe masturbation to be a sin, an ideology exploited by Satan to oppress Christians and make them feel ineffective. However, in truth, masturbation itself is not a sin; it has no inherent connection to God. It only becomes a sin before God if Christians allow it to negatively impact their relationship with Him.

“No matter how wrong it is in your mind, in itself [masturbation], it is not a sin against God… God is only offended by any habit that takes stronghold of your mind. That is when God is offended,” Pastor Chris explained.

The preacher emphasized that there is no single place in the Bible where masturbation was described and categorized as a sin.

He explained, “In the whole Bible, it does not say anything about masturbation. Now somebody may say, ‘What about uncleanliness?’, but that is not masturbation. You can have uncleanliness in masturbation and many other things. So, if you want to stop masturbation, stop it. It has got nothing to do with God.”

Watch the full video here

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