WATCH: Moesha Boduong to be injected to death

A Ghanaian prophet has dropped a chilling prophecy about embattled socialite Moesha Boduong.

The man of God has revealed that Moesha is going to die if she doesn’t repent and give her life completely to Christ.

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According to him, Moesha knows a lot of secrets about her colleague celebrities, and so for fear of being exposed, those people are spiritually working against her.

He revealed that Moesha is fighting a spiritual battle because of what she knows about her friends.

The prophet went on to reveal that someone close to Moe would spend the money in her Go-Fund-Me account and connive with her doctor to kill her.

According to the report, this same prophet gave a revelation about Moesha’s disgrace and spiritual battle in 2019, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Again, he is pleading for a chance to connect with Moesha to be able to help her.


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