Ways of Transferring Data From Your Old Mobile Phone To a New One

I am very happy to hear you have acquired a new mobile phone as a matter of fact, congratulations on that. You might be struggling with how to move your important data such as images, videos, chats, and many more to your newly acquired mobile phone but your search is over today as you have landed on the right place full of guides on how to transfer your data without losing them. This post will take you through the steps you can take to move your documents on both Android phones and iPhones. Let’s get started;

Guide For Android Users

Let us start with the guide on how to move the files on Android phones. I will show you the services and tools to use;

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Use your Google Account 

Your Android phone is eligible to have a Google account and you can use it to synchronize your important data. Data such as contacts, calendars, and others can be sent to your Google account. You can easily find this option in your settings app under ‘Account’ or ‘Google’

Backup through your Google Drive

Google gives us a whooping 15Gb storage access for their services such as Email, Google Photos, and Google Drive. The best way to backup your data is using Google Drive as you can easily restore your backup when you sign into your email on the new phone. You can do this backup by going to your settings app, navigate to “system”; on some phones, you will see “Backup”. Enable Google Drive backup for apps, call history, device settings, and SMS.

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Use Google Photos

If in case you only want to back up your pictures, the best option is to use Google Photos. To do this, Install Google Photos, open the app, and enable backup and synchronize to safely store your precious photos and videos in the cloud.

Samsung Smart Switch 

For users of Samsung, it is simple to transfer data. To use it, you need to install the app on both of the mobile phones and you are good to go.

iPhone Users

Backup using iCloud 

Apple phones come with 5GB free storage for users and it automatically backs up your data into the iCloud account. To back up large-size data you need to upgrade your storage to avoid any inconvenience. If iCloud is not automatically set to upload backup, this is what you need to do; Go to Settings on your phone > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Select “Back Up Now” to ensure your data is up-to-date.

Setting up your new iPhone 

When it is time for you to set up your new iPhone, you need to choose “Restore From iCloud Backups” This will allow you to restore your data from your old iPhone.

Tips for both Operating Systems

SD Card Storage

Aside from the above-mentioned tips you can also use your SD Card. You can buy a new memory card or SD Card and transfer your data to it. This hint works perfectly for Android phones.

Cable Transfer 

Most mobile phones allow direct connection of two phones via cables or adapters. If your phones have this kind of feature, this is one of the cost-effective ways to perform the transfer of data.

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Do this before the transfer

Firstly, you need to charge the phones fully. This will help you finish the process without any interruptions.

Give the required access on both devices to ensure a safe and efficient transfer.

Consider the possibility of incompatibilities, particularly when switching between iOS and Android devices.

Summing Up

I hope the article was able to fix your problem. With the certainty of a hassle-free data transfer, go on your new mobile journey with assurance. Remember to go to the user manuals or help websites for your particular phone model for any special instructions. Cheers to your exploration!

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