You are likely to give birth to abnormal baby – Asantewaa warned

Controversial Ghanaian spiritualist, Ajaguraja has fired pregnant women who expose their baby bump on social media.

The man of ‘god’ has noted it is an abomination for a pregnant woman to take photos and go ahead to share them on social media.

According to him, women who are pregnant are not supposed to take photos because, spiritually, it is not good.

He noted that the mercury in cameras could affect the health of the baby and that is why some women sometimes give birth to abnormal babies.

This comes after TikTok star Asantewaa shared photos of her baby bump on social media.

Asantewaa broke the internet yesterday as she dropped a series of photos and videos of her pregnancy journey recorded in the United States.

The content creator has even promised that her YouTube account is going to be on fire these days because that is where she intends to document everything about her childbirth.

However, according to Agajuraja, that is very risky!


Watch the video below;

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