“You made me fall in love with you but your pénis is small” – Lady tells rich boyfriend in an audio call [Listen]

During a phone call after their initial encounter, an audio recording between a lady and her boyfriend, who was allegedly wealthy but had a small manhood making waves on social media.

According the lady, after a series of unsuitable boyfriends, she met a wonderful loving man. However, he has an extremely small pen!s.

Adding that, He can get an erection and able to have penetrative séx, but she often feel little to nothing, although he is a sensitive lover in other ways.

“I am full of regret that, if this is to be my life partner, I might never be able to enjoy penetrative séx in quite the same way again.”

“I really love you, but I’m hurt with the size of your manhood.”

“You made me fall in love with you, but your pen!s is too small,” she said in the audio call with the rich boyfriend.

Listen To The Audio Below:


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