You’re wasting productive hours – Ken Agyapong tells Agyin-Asare on 9AM weekday Church service

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has descended heavily on the founder of the Perez Dome, Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare.

Kennedy Agyapong voiced his disagreement with the famous Ghanaian preacher who planned to organise church service early in the morning on a weekday.

In the view of Kennedy Agyapong, it is a waste of productive time that should have been used to work if Bishop Agyin-Asare is calling on church members to be at church 9 am in the morning.

Christians in Ghana spend more time praying and listening to the word of God in churches than at work with the belief that silver and gold belong to God and he’ll bless them with riches if they serve him always.

Speaking as a guest at Agyin-Asare’s church, the Member of Parliament said organizing church at such hour of the day was not thoughtful from the church leaders and they should restructure.

He raised concern that one risk losing his job if he decided to come to church at 9 am on a working day.


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  1. Christians can choose to meet as often as possible, it doesn’t have take everyone in the church to be at such meetings and gatherings. It’s not everyone in the church that’s employed, those employed without time on their hands can opt out of this daily morning devotional services. Ken Agyapong is not believer, he’s a businessman and politician, I can understand the angle of his presentation.

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