4 Things That All Ghanaian University Students Do In Their Final Year

The final year of university is one of the more memorable university years for most Ghanaian students. It’s the last year of school before we finally become full adults (or so we think, anyway). And it’s also the year where we’re finally the seniors in school and so of course, we let it go to our heads. These are 4 things that all Ghanaian university students end up doing in their final years.

They Miss Lectures And Don’t Care

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The final year of university is the year where most seniors start feeling invincible. Even those with the good GPAs start missing lectures and don’t care. After four years, most people have already figured out how to pass exams without going for all the classes.

They Start Shooting Their Shots

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The people who are on a 4 – 0 streak (of singleness 😭) because they’ve been focusing on their academics always pick the final year to start shooting their shot and trying to land girlfriends/boyfriends before they leave university.

They Start Getting Chummy With Their Lecturers


By the fourth year, most people start getting closer to their lecturers because at that point you need to secure all the As that you can. If you’re hanging between a lower class and an upper one, getting close to your lecturers during your final year is a good way to get some free advice on what areas are likely to come in an exam and how you can answer questions to get a better grade.

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They Start Moving Like They Own The Hall

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Fourth-year students move about their halls like they own the place. Their mates with all the prefects and most of the hall staff are familiar with them at that point so they start playing music loudly and making noise up and down like they own the hall.

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