5 Things To Tell Your Ghanaian Parents When You Get A Piercing

There are a lot of things that determine if you would ever reach the “bad bitch” status, for instance, your name. If you have a name like Mary, Comfort or Joy, there is no way you will ever fully reach your ultimate bad bitch mode. Think about it, your friends can’t be shouting C- Corny every time you are shaking your bum. It just doesn’t jell. Your name is not the only hindrance you may face, if you have typical Ghanaian parents, you can never fully self actualise as a bad bitch because they will be the stumbling block that stops you from getting that ultimate bad bitch piercing.

You can go ahead and get it, because once it’s done, there is no going back. Here are 5 things to say when they do see it:

1. You can tell them it was a SURPRISE!

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Once you say that, you would have caught them off-guard and there is nothing they can think of to say in that moment. In those few minutes of confusion, you have the power to run to your room or bring up a different topic. If they bring it up again, just avoid them.

2. Tell them it can kill you if you remove it.

Once they complain and tell you to remove it, let them know that it can cause an infection which you can die or lose your nose from. Which parent would want to see their child in pain? No one!

3. You fell on an earring.

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It was not something you planned. You just happen to have fallen in a place where the earring was lying close to your nose. Taking it out might require medical assistance, so since it’s not causing any harm being there, let’s just leave it alone.

4. You were kidnapped.

Multiple piercing is very normal in some cultures, so you can tell them you were kidnapped by the Brahmin and Chhetri people of Nepal where nose piercing is mandatory for females because it signifies innocence and prosperity. They should focus more on the kidnapping than the nose piercing. What’s done is done.

5. It’s just a filter.

If you are living in an entirely different city/country from your parents, you can tell them it is a filter you are trying and that it is not real. If they ask you to put off the filter, feign bad network, hang up and call them later when they might have forgotten about it.

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