Beat The Heat In Style: 5 Clothing Tips To Stay Cool This Harmattan For Men

Whatever you do harmattan is already here but it’s not too late to prepare for the heat. You know the cracked and ashy skin has already started so aside lots of lotion, take a look 5 things you need to beat the heat with your fashion choices this season

Wear loose fitting clothes

‘Tis the season for joggers people. The uncomfortable feeling of having your clothes stuck to your back in a sweat map is definitely not something we recommend. It’s getting exceptionally hot so get them joggers out.

Cotton shirts

Breathable fabrics are the way to go this season and there is nothing more breathable that cotton. The trick is to keep your upper body cool since that’s where most of the heat resides. Wearing anything but cotton might put you at risk of a getting heatstroke.

Wear lighter colors

Darker colors attract heat. Everyone knows this. Lighter colors will always reflect light and heat. Even a black tank top will make you sweat no matter how free your arms are. Ghana is too dusty to wear white all the time so opt for other lighter colors.

Wear a cap

In place of an umbrella, a cap is your next best option. Works if you don’t have sunscreen too. The sun is already vexed, do not let it scorch your crown.


Hot boy harmattan is the only excuse to wear shorts. Show some skin and free those ankles.

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