Chelsea’s three players guilty of most big chances missed are the difference between a bad season and a great one

Chelsea influencer Alex Goldberg posted a really interesting list today showing Chelsea’s top players in “big chances missed.”

Nobody will be surprised by who tops the list. For all his quality, Nicolas Jackson struggles to get through 90 minutes without at least one moment which leaves you with your head in your hands. He has 15 on the season, even more than his impressive yellow card count.

Following him is Raheem Sterling. Again, for all his qualities, he is hardly lethal in front of goal, and is especially panicky in one on one situations. He has 10, and is followed in third place by Enzo Fernandez. He also tends to tighten up in front of goal, frustrating for a player of such technical quality.

All three feel like they can do so much better, and it will perhaps just take a little more confidence from the team as a whole to see them all turn a corner – then we really will be a scary prospect. We really could be just a small margin away from a much better team.

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