Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to College of Education

Applying for admission into a College of Education can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the preferred college.

Many applicants make mistakes when choosing their preferred college, which affects their chances of being admitted.

This article seeks to highlight some of the common mistakes applicants make and provide helpful tips to avoid them.

Choosing Multiple Colleges Does Not Increase Your Chances of Admission:

One common mistake that applicants make is selecting multiple colleges in the hope that it will increase their chances of admission.

However, this is not true. ‘Colleges of Education’ prioritize applicants who select them as their first choice before considering other factors such as grades and program choices.

Therefore, selecting a college as a second or third choice significantly reduces the chances of being admitted by the college.

Selecting Multiple Programmes in One College is Advisable:

To increase your chances of being admitted to your preferred college, it is advisable to select the college as your first and second choice with different programs based on your specialization at SHS.

This way, if your first-choice program is not available, the college can consider you for your second-choice program.

It is important to note that this strategy is only applicable when selecting programs within the same college.

Consider Colleges within Your Catchment Area:

It is also advisable to apply to colleges within your catchment area as some colleges give preference to students within their catchment area.

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This is because such students are expected to understand the local culture and language, which is an essential requirement for teaching in rural areas.

Seek Clarifications and Stay Informed:

It is essential to seek clarifications and stay informed about the admission process and requirements for Colleges of Education before applying.

Know the programmes offered by the college before you apply.

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