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Five drivers arrested on Accra-Kumasi Highway for reckless driving

The joint efforts of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service have led to the apprehension of five drivers at Bunso Junction along the Accra-Kumasi Highway.

The NRSA indicated that about 60 percent of road crashes are a result of overspeeding, and so the exercise aimed at promoting safer driving habits, particularly as the Easter festival approaches.

Nana Akua Ansaah, the Eastern Regional Director of the NRSA, emphasized the importance of responsible driving practices during an interview with Citi News. She urged drivers to adhere to speed limits.

She also stressed the need for drivers to possess valid licenses and ensure that their vehicles are properly registered and insured, citing instances where non-compliance with these regulations could lead to dire consequences in the event of an accident.

“Research has proven that about 60 percent of accidents are the result of excessive speeding and so we advise the public to stop speeding. When you are a salon car, you are supposed to be going at 90kph on the highway and if you are a commercial vehicle, you are supposed to go 80kph and so let us all obey this. We must prioritize our safety and obey this law.

“We have seen that a lot of the drivers do not have their licenses and most of the vehicles do not have insurance. Some of the Pragia are not even registered and do not have insurance, so you can imagine you pick such a Pragia and something happens. And so we will urge all drivers to drive around with their license because it is what makes you a professional.”

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