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FLASHBACK: I no longer take offertory at my Church because of bad economy – Bishop Obinim

The presiding Bishop and the founder of the International God’s Way Church, Daniel Obinim, has announced that his church will no longer take offertory from his congregation.

In a viral video, Bishop Obinim explained that due to the poor economic state of the country and the high cost of living for most Ghanaians, his church has decided to ease the financial burden on its members by putting an end to the collection of offertories.

He said,

“In Bishop Obinim churches, now collection is not mandatory because we have stopped collecting them. This is so because now, we all know that there’s no money. So, offertory should not be the reason why you would miss church.”

However, the man of God who calls himself an angel was quick to add that, although the church would no longer be taking offertory, congregants who would want to give in support of the Lord’s work and church activities would be permitted to do so after church service.

“Now all what you need to come for service is your transportation unless maybe after the church you decide to give something to support the work of God,” Angel Obinim explained in the video.

Obinim was recently in the news for sacking 72 pastors from his church nationwide.

According to the controversial pastor, he sacked these pastors because they were not productive and deviated from the vision of his church.

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