Is this Life Real or Just an Illusion?

In order to understand whether life is an illusion or not, the meaning of the word ‘illusion” has to be understood. Here’s a little biology to help us with that; our bodies have various sensory organs that serve to perceive changes in the environment.

The sense of touch, balance, taste, smell, sight and so much more are all detected by the bodily sensory organs which are highly innervated by sensory nerves. These then transport the signal of the specific stimulus to the brain where the information is processed and a particular perception made.

An illusion occurs when this perception is interfered with and what is perceived is quite different from the actual occurrence. So, is this life real or is it just an imagination?

Is this Life Real or Just an Illusion

Is this Life Real or Just a Dream

This has been the cause of heated discussions among scholars from different fields ranging from psychology to spiritual experts. But who has the right answer to this crucial question? Nobody! People perceive this topic from different perspectives with different people coming up with different reasonings in support of their own beliefs. Most scientists believe that life is an illusion but many spiritual gurus believe it is real.

After a keen and deep research of my own, my conclusion is that scientists make a strong argument with tangible proof that life is actually an illusion. Outlined in this excerpt are some of the reasons why life is indeed just an illusion.

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Life is all about believing. We hear, touch, feel, taste and smell only what we believe or at least what we are meant to believe. This has been proven to be true by monks who have cleared their minds of all the beliefs we all have. They are able to walk on brick walls, be in two places at once, walk on fire without getting burnt and so many more things the rest of us cannot do. This only goes to show that the life we make ourselves believe is not real. It is simply an illusion we create. Anything that affects our perception is simply because we believe it. Everything we see is there because we believe it is there and so is whatever we touch and even generally perceive.

Is Life Real or Just a Fantasy

According to quantum theory which many scientists believe is true, all matter is made up of energy of differing frequencies. The vibration of these frequencies is what creates the illusion that we view as matter. From the large mountains to the tiniest of soil particles and even us as human beings, none of all these exists in an actual sense. The differing energy frequency combinations are what makes us perceive things as differing from each other. A good example given for this is ultraviolet radiations which have been affecting the temperatures of the earth over time by global warming.

The fact that we cannot see these does not mean that they are not there because the toll they have on us can just not let us. There are many more things we cannot see. This is indicative that life indeed is an illusion. We are actually not even sure what is real and what is not.

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In life, what we term as a truth could all in all be a lie. This goes for many other aspects of lives. This is actually quite simple to assess. The fact of whether or not super powers exist is a matter people argue about. Those that believe they exist can actually give their lives to defend their belief and so can those that believe they do not exist. Our perception of size, color, shape and other aspects of an item also differ. It can, therefore, be argued validly that even everything else we think we see is all an illusion just like our thoughts are. The differences in perception of the things that make up life make its very existence very vague.

In conclusion, the answer to the question ‘Is this life real or just an illusion?’ is that life is not real and it is just an illusion. It is actually what we make it to be with our thoughts and beliefs. The truth is that actually, if a person’s brain was taken and kept alive away from the body with all the necessary bodily conditions, it would react normally if any electrical signals were directed to it as stimulus giving the same output. This is with disregard to the presence of all that entails life in the body of a person. So, life is just an illusion!

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