Top 20 Greatest Songs About Love

The word love has been defined in many ways, but in whichever way you may want to define it, the fact remains that everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to rely on someone especially at the moments of depression. Love is such a good feeling but most times causes depression if not handled carefully. One of the major ways that love is been preached today is through songs, these songs are called love songs. Hardly do you hear a music today that does not have one or two lines talking about love, it is not a surprise that people fall in love with such songs, it buttresses the point that human beings are wired to love, humans are also attracted to lovely things. Love songs can come in different forms, it can be a song talking about heartbreak, falling in love or quitting a relationship, they are all talking about love, hence we can refer to them as love songs. Love songs are not a contemporary thing, they have been around for centuries. But they seem never dying and they can come in different music genres such as R&B, Jazz, Hip-hop, Reggae etc, all you need to do is listen to the lyrics to figure out what they are talking about. Are you doing a compilation of songs for your wedding ceremony, anniversary or valentine day celebration? We would recommend love songs. And to make it easy for you, here is a list of top 20 songs about love.

Top 20 Love Songs To Put Yourself in the Mood

1)  “Kiss From a Rose” – Seal

This four minutes video by Seal is a video you won’t watch once. The song won multiple awards including Song of the Year, Best pop Vocal Performance, Record of the Year at the 1996 Grammy Awards after its re-release in 1995.

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2)  We Found Love — Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

We Found Love is one of Rihanna’s best-selling singles. The song was also her longest running single lasting more than the hit song “Umbrella” on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The song which was produced by Cavin Harris was among Rihanna’s sixth studio album Talk that Talk. The song boasted Cavin’s long career which he started around 2008. As a result, it was also included on 18 Months, the third album of Calvin Harris, a Scottish electronic artist.

3)  My heart will go on — Celine Dion

My Heart Will Go On broke, an iconic love song with cool lyrics that can get some people tearful.  The song is the theme song of blockbuster film Titanic which tells the story of a huge luxurious passenger ship that sank in North Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Recorded by legend Celine Dion and released in 1997, the song scored massive success and broke different records. First, the single sold millions of copies of around the world. Secondly, it won several awards including song of the year and record of the year at 1999 Grammy Awards. It also won best original song at the Oscars. In addition to the awards, the ballad was everywhere on the radio. Till date, the song written by Will Jennings and composed by James Horner remains a sensation.

4)  Angel of Mine – Monica

This is another tender ballad by America singer. Recorded by Monica as a cover version of R&B ballad by Eternal a British girl group, Angel of Mine was undeniably a hit bang in the late 1990s. After its release in 1998, it topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for four weeks in a row. It also became number two on US Billboard R&B chart. It sold millions of copies and the next year, it was certified platinum by the RIAA.

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5) You’ve Got A Way – Shania Twain

You’ve Got Away is a mix of Shania’s powerful voice and creativity. The Canadian singer co-wrote and recorded the song. It was released in 1999 as one of the many country singles from her third studio album Come on Over.

6)  Let Me Love You — Ne-Yo

Neyo was over 30 when he was asking a heartbroken woman to let him love her in the song Let me Love You. The  2012 song is a hit that tends to remind women going through a heart-shattering phase in relationships that someone else might love them better if given the chance.

7) “I Just Called to Say I Love You” – Stevie Wonder

This is a hit by Stevie Wonder and one of those songs that wouldn’t fade away so easily. The ballad was written produced and recorded by the legendary multi-instrumentalist and singer. I Just Called To Say I Love sold fantastically after its release and till date remains the singer’s best-selling single. In addition, the song topped record 19 charts.

8) Falling Into You – Celine Dion

Here is a 1996 ballad by Celine Dion that also boosted her career. It is the fourth studio album of the singer recorded in the English language.  The song won her many awards such as Grammy Award in the Album of the year category and Best Pop Album.

9) “When I Was Your Man” — Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a talent to be reckoned with and the American gave it all in When I Was Your Man. The hit is not just well worded, Bruno’s voice also added to its amazingness.

10)  Love Don’t Cost A Thing — Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was trying to make a point in this hit and that was her love doesn’t come with any cost. Released in 2000, the song is included in the American singer’s second studio album. The song is incredibly energic and dumps the tenderness common to love songs for higher vibes.

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11) I’ll Never Break Your Heart — Backstreet Boys

This list wouldn’t be complete without this song by the boy band Backstreet Boys affirming never to break their lovers’ heart. It was released in 1995 as part of the group’s second single from their debut album.

12)  Bleeding Love — Leona Lewis

Known to have a similar high pitch voice as Whitney Huston, Lewis. The British singer who won the third series of X-Factor with the significantly higher vote than other contestants did wonders with the song Bleeding Love.

13) “She Keeps Me Warm” —  Mary Lambert

Recorded by American hip hop, this 2013 hit is another love song that can cool a shattering nerve. Its lyrics is amazing and sends a message of love.

14) Can’t Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon

Can’t Fight This Feeling by rock band REO Speedwagon is a super ballad that tries to tell the story of someone really in love yet afraid to let it flow. The soundtrack was a huge success in the 80’s and has remained an all-time love song.

15) “Adore You” — Miley Cyrus

Adore You by American singer Miley Cyrus is a great love hit that was released in 2013 as part of the artist’s fourth studio album Bangerz. The song is also her third and last single for the year 2013. After its release, it garnered positive reviews and also peaked at USA Billboard Hot 100.

16) Let Me Love You — Mario

This 2004 hit from Mario’s second studio album went viral in the world and everybody heard it several times that year. The song also ranked on the Billboard. It was written by the American singer Ne-Yo and produced by Scott Storch.

17)  If You Had My Love — Jennifer Lopez

If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez is a product of 2009 and that year millions of people around the world listened to it. Although it’s been years since its release, the track is one of the love songs that continue to stand the test of time and unlike many ballad listed here, it is lively and the kind of thing you can listen to a lot times before you can get tired of it.

18)  The Power of Love — Celine Dion

For many years in the music scene, Celine Dion has been able to release some good ballad. In fact, one the most romantic ballads of all time and in this track, the singer bares her soul. There was this unquenchable fire in her voice that reaffirms the fact that she totally understands the power of love

19) Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman — Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has done big hits but this hit was a hit for the singer. As a matter of fact, it played a key role in making him a superstar. The1995-track was shot in Spain and it was directed by Anton Corbijn.

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