Kwame Yogot – Replay (Review & Facts)

Kwame Yogot – Replay. Kwame Yogot is one of the celebrated rappers in Ghana. He comes through with a fresh song called “Replay”. This new tune comes after he released “Delay” a month ago. Kwame is one artist who loves dropping songs that speak about our everyday lives.

Replay by Kwame Yogot is a danceable tune that has an Afrobeat flavor. To show how versatile the rapper is, he did full singing in this song. Only a few rappers can switch to singing and become perfect with it. This shows how good and prepared he is for this music business.

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Kwame Yogot’s “Replay” is just three minutes and seven seconds long. Its timing is perfect, you won’t waste your time listening to it. Kwame Yogot did not specify the producer of this song but he or she did well in producing this hit.

Lyrics Review of Kwame Yogot Replay

For you to understand the lyrics of Replay by Kwame Yogot, let us take you at least the first and second verses. This can at least allow you to understand the theme of the song very well.

He started speaking about how haters will never want you to win. “They never expect us to rule,” Kwame  Yogot says in the first verse of the song. This goes straight to haters who never thought we would make it but God makes way.

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In his second line, he made known that, in this life many people will win and others too will lose. It explains the fact that not all fingers are the same. In this world, people are born to be poor and others too to be rich. It is a natural law anyone cannot skip it.

Many are called, but few are chosen. This statement he made in the song tells us the same fact that we are all not the same. It can be bad for your health if you envy others when they are progressing.

According to the musician, the favor he has received from God has gone out of the limit. To this extent, he is saluted by soldiers. He started his music career way long ago, he has released a couple of hits that have resonated with his fans. Based on this, the singer is asking Ghanaians to keep playing his song. This lands on the song title “Replay”.

Ways To Listen to This Song

The rapper and singer has done well by releasing both the mp3 and mp4 of this song. This makes it very simple to find and listen. In this part of the article, we will make it easier for you to find it. The official video of this song has been released on YouTube via Kwame Yogot’s Official Channel.

For fans who want to listen to Kwame Yogot – Replay in an mp3 format, you can find it on SoundCloud, Audiomack, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

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