My Ghanaian DJ ex-boyfriend almost committed suicide after we broke up – Lady narrates

UK-based Ghanaian Cynthia Kwarteng revealed that her popular DJ-ex-boyfriend tried to commit suicide after their relationship ended. 

According to Cynthia, he was emotionally unstable. He often tagged her in Facebook posts pleading for a comeback. Speaking on SVTV AFRICA with DJ Nyaami, Cynthia mentioned that the age gap was wide, but she never expected him to act childishly.

“He almost committed suicide after we broke up. It was all over Facebook. He would tag me in posts crying and all. I was older than him, but he said he was okay with it. I didn’t expect him to act like that. I think he was not emotionally stable because he would threaten me with curses at the tiniest misunderstanding,” she said.

Cynthia indicated that he could not mother another child because she was already busy with her son from a previous marriage.

“I was a divorcée at the time with a child. I can’t take care of two children. He was too vocal about personal issues. He would post it on social media too. I don’t like men like that,” she added.


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