The 5 Funniest Types Of Characters On Ghanaian X (Twitter)

Let’s just start off by saying that Ghanaian Twitter is not for the faint of heart. If you’re easily offended (or even if you’re not) be warned because every other tweet is going to be some kind of emotional trigger. And on these savage streets there are some characters that you should watch out for. These are all the types of people on Ghanaian Twitter.

The Debunkers

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These are the self-proclaimed academics and gatekeepers online. You’ll always find them underneath tweets trying to prove that facts don’t add up, or telling people why their accomplishments are not impressive. Someone can share a personal experience and the debunker will show up to tell them why the experience couldn’t have happened in the first place.

Those Who Want To See Violence All The Time


Whenever you see the signs of a fight about to start on Twitter (either direct tweets where people are coming for other people or when screenshots start getting released) there are always going to be people cheering the people who are about to have the beef on. These are the people who leave ‘we’re here for the violence’ memes under people’s serious angry rants.

The People Who Just Like And Retweet


There’s a group of people on Twitter who just want to come online, mind their business and then go. These people don’t tweet, barely comment and only like and retweet other people’s posts. Twitter is a scary place and these people seem to have the right idea for avoiding trouble.

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Relationship Twitter

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These are the people who found love and want to share their happiness with everyone else. However, single people tend not receive them so well. In fact, if you’re single then you that the people who are always posting romantic things about their partners and Triller videos are the absolute worst.

The Grammar Police

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Twitter is a very bad place to not double-check what you’re typing. You would be surprised how a single typo in a tweet that you’ve sent out can spiral into an attack on your intelligence and even your character if you’re not careful.

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