These Are The 5 Worst Types Of People To Watch A Movie With

You can’t ever have a dull moment watching a movie with a group of Ghanaians. If there’s a movie that you’re really looking forward to or you actually want to watch and understand, then it’s probably best to leave your friends at home. There are some Ghanaians that you just can’t watch a movie with if you’re actually trying to watch the movie.

The ‘Oh, I’m Not Sleeping’ But They Are


The most annoying type of people to watch a movie with if you’re paying for it, is the sleepers who aren’t actually sleeping. Why would you let someone buy you a ticket for a movie if you just want to come “rest your eyes?” The trick is to go and buy them popcorn the minute you realize the nonsense that they’re trying start.

The Narrators

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The narrators are the people in the hall that you’re watching the movie with who feel that the only way you’re going to be able to understand the movie at all is when they tell you everything happening on the screen as it happens. “Ei. He’s entering o. He’s still going. He’s going to kill the guy o,” for the whole 2 hours 30 minutes that the movie is on.

The Emotional People


When you’re with this type of movie watcher, you have to avoid horror films and sad movies at all costs. These people will treat the characters as if they’re their own children. They will shout all of their advice at the TV as if the characters are suddenly going to hear them and reconsider their life decisions.

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The Questioners

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The questioners are the worst. We’re all watching the same movie yet they’ll keep asking you questions like you somehow have some insider information on what’s happening. It’s especially bad if it’s someone that you can’t tell to watch for themselves. In that case you’re going to turn into a narrator when you just want to watch the film.

The People Who Use Their Phone Throughout


We’ve all been this type of person. You psych yourself up to watch some movie that everyone is talking about and then once the movie starts playing you get a notification and that’s it. You end up staying on your phone for the whole rest of the movie.

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