These Are The Worst Lines Ghanaian Men Use To Try And Get Women

As a guy, I know that we can be clueless at times. But sometimes it’s so bad that we can say the dumbest thing and then feel like we just had a mic drop moment. Putting this list together came with a wave of self awareness for me. To any girl I’ve ever said any of these lines to: I’m sorry, because … what??

1. Girl: I’m Going To Take A Shower. Guy: Without Me?

2. Sending An Unsolicited Dick Pic

3. “You’re Not Like Most Girls”

4. “Are You Still With That Guy”

5. “You Look Familiar But I Don’t Remember Where I Know You From”

6. “Law School, Erh? I’ll Call You When I’m In Trouble”

7. “You’re Intimidating”

8. Reacting To Stories With “🔥”

9. Reacting To Stories With “👀”

10. “You’re Wife Material”

11. “How Is A Fine Girl Like You Still Single?”

12. “Haha What Would You Do If I Was There Haha”

13. “Haha It’s Weather For Two Haha”

Sorry if this made you cringe. Imagine living with the memory of having said some of this stuff.

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