‘Tired’ Funny Face not looking good

Comedian and Actor Funny Face has said he is “tired” over the back and forth with his baby mama, Vanessa who has denied him access to their kids.

Taking to Instagram to express his struggles with his baby mama over parenting his three children, Funny Face said for four years now he has not set eyes on his twins and their younger sister.

The comedian out of distress wants to sell his properties and relocate abroad to begin a new life.

He lamented over how his baby mama has denied him access to their children.

“”GYE NYAME” Take da children and chew dem .. am tired of fighting to see my own blood…I will sell my house, cars and lands and some few properties I have left .. and relocate to a different country and start my life all over again. GOD bless us all,” he said in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

In another post on his Instagram page, he wants to halt all efforts to contact the children he shares with Vanessa.

Funny face in the video said Vanessa has been ignoring him for sometime now and trumping his efforts to reach out to his children.

Funny Face acknowledged Vanessa’s efforts in single parenting their children for about four years since he was separated from them.

The comedian said sometime back they both thrashed out the issues between them and he was calling and checking up on his children which reignited his love for them.

Funny Face, Vanessa and their three kids

However, he claimed that suddenly Vanessa was not responding to his calls or responding to others on his behalf on other occasions.

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The comedian noted that he is fed up with the constant back and forth and ‘maltreatment’ he is met with at the request to see his children.

He asked his baby mama to raise the children by herself if that is what she wants adding “I’ll sell my assets, relocate to another country, and start anew!”

According to him, he is certain their children will grow up to understand the position he was put in.

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