Trending video of Nana Agradaa touching her hubby’s banana during church service causes stir

Controversial female cleric, Evangelist Mama Pat, formerly known as Nana Agradaa, has once again ignited a firestorm on social media with a shocking act during a church service.

In a viral video circulating online, Evangelist Mama Pat is seen anointing her husband’s manhood in the midst of a congregation.

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The former fetish priestess, who claims to have undergone a spiritual transformation, poured a drop of anointing oil into her palm before placing her hands on her husband’s private part, all while the congregation looked on.

The unexpected and unconventional act has left many on social media bewildered, with some expressing their shock and disapproval of such behavior within a religious setting.

This incident is not the first time Evangelist Mama Pat has stirred controversy with her actions.

The self-proclaimed vessel of God has previously made headlines for using profane language during her sermons and preaching sessions.

The viral video has sparked discussions and debates about the appropriateness of such actions within religious gatherings.

Many are questioning the boundaries between spirituality and sensationalism, particularly when it comes to Evangelist Mama Pat’s unorthodox approach to preaching.

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