Types of Cybersecurity for Ensuring Safety

We are going to look at five types of cybersecurity techniques aimed at mitigating cyber-attacks in enterprises and organizations.

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

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This technique focuses on safeguarding systems crucial to society’s functioning, such as the electricity grid, water purification, traffic lights, shopping centers, and hospitals. These are systems heavily relied upon by communities.

Network Security

Network security is a strategy employed to protect computer networks from intruders, targeted attackers, and opportunistic malware. Given the interconnected nature of the internet and its diverse networks, organizations often face unauthorized intrusions with malicious intent. Experts recommend enhancing network security through measures like additional logins, new passwords, antivirus programs, firewalls, concealed mode, monitored web access, and encryption.

Cloud Security

Many organizations are increasingly turning to cloud computing to improve business operations, enhance customer capabilities, and streamline economic activities. Handling vast amounts of data during the setup phase poses a challenge, especially when dealing with unstructured information from unknown sources. This scenario can pose a threat to the organization’s network, making cloud security crucial.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

The Internet of Things is emerging as a powerful tool, with market projections estimating substantial growth. With IoT’s security network, users gain access to a variety of critical and non-critical devices like appliances, sensors, printers, and Wi-Fi routers. As IoT continues to expand, ensuring its security becomes imperative.

Application Security

Users interact with various applications encompassing hardware, software, and devices. However, applications are equally susceptible to cyber-attacks and malware as networks. Application security plays a vital role in preventing cybersecurity breaches by implementing hardware and software measures during the project’s development phase.

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