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Watch: Mother breaks down in tears a Dumsor kills her newborn at Tema General Hospital

A mother is blaming the Dumsor that happened at the Tema General Hospital for the death of her baby.

A 24-year-old mother is blaming the Tema General Hospital Dumsor for her baby’s death.

At the dawn of Tuesday March 26 2024, there was power outage at Tema Community 9 which affected the Tema General Hospital.

Videos of babies suffering in incubators surfaced on the internet with another video showing how mothers were stuck in darkness fanning their newly born babies.

One of the mothers spoke to the media on Wednesday and she complained that the situation caused the death of her baby.

In the video the mother was peeved that a whole institution like Tema General Hospital couldn’t make a standby generator ready for such power outages.

The mother Ramatu said she went to visit her baby but couldn’t find the child.

A doctor approached her and said they’re sorry, she’s lost the child due to the light out.


The Tema General Hospital have however released a statement to say no one died because of the power outage.


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