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Video of how Ajagurajah forced and chopped German Based Lady causes stir online

Ajagurajah has been accused by a German woman of forcing her to chop and defrauding her of her money.

Ghanaian woman living in Germany has spoken out about how Ajagurajah forced her to cut herself apart after defrauding her of her hard-earned money.

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Gladys, the woman who has been desiring to tell her story, at last had the chance to talk with Nana Tonardo in person.

She claims that she first learned about Ajagurajah a few years ago after seeing her discuss his healing abilities online.

She expressed her happiness at seeing Ajagurajah discuss his healing abilities because she has a stomach issue that no doctor in Ghana has been able to treat.

When she travelled to Ghana for holidays 3 years ago, she went straight to Ajagurajah at his base in Koforidua with his stomach problem.

Ajagurajah told her she can’t be cured by she needs to give his angle a sheep which she paid 8,000 cedis.

According to the girl whiles waiting for Ajagurajah to perform his rituals, he sent one of his assistant to inform her that he’s interested in her.

When she refused to give a positive answer, Ajagurajah himself told her boldly that he likes her and that his angels says she is the right woman for him to marry.

He then forced her and chopped her only to convince her that it’s part of the rituals to heal her stomach problem.

Ajagurajah then told her it’s his birthday and she needs to give her 8,000 cedis for a sheep again which she sent the money 2 days later.

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Video of how Ajagurajah forced and chopped German Based Lady causes stir online

When she visited him for the 2nd time he gave her yogurt and slept with her again.

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