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Video of how Atta Ayi allegedly attempted to pøisøn an inmate surfaces

Kwame Asante, an ex-convict who claims to have survived attempts to poison him while in prison, describes how Atta Ayi, a 164-year-old inmate at the Ankanful Maximum Security Prison, led a group known as “Black Coat” to plot to kill him.

The ‘Black Coat,’ according to Asante, is a group of ward leaders at the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison led by Atta Ayi.

Asante was transferred to Ankaful to finish his sentence after serving two years of his fifteen-year sentence at Koforidua Prison.

He claimed that the ‘Black Coat’ plotted to kill him with the help of some prison officers.

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“I’d like you to be aware of the corruption in prison.” In some prisons, inmates are constructing mansions in their hometowns. “The inmates have been trading with the prison officers, and there is corruption there,” he said.

According to the ex-convict, Atta Ayi and his ‘Black Coat’ squad summoned all inmates on transfer from other prisons at the time of the assassination attempts.

He claimed that Atta Ayi tried to initiate them into their prison’s secret dealings during the gathering, but he refused. He claimed that was the start of his prison trials.

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“Because there were no women there, a member of the ‘Black Coat’ approached me and asked me to sleep with him. “I refused to give in, and they began making attempts on my life,” he explained.

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He continued, “They poisoned my food and even sprayed hazardous substances on my bed, but I survived.”

Atta Ayi and his squad bribed some of the officers, according to the aggrieved ex-convict, who vowed to expose illegal activities going on in the prison.

He claimed that as a result, no firm actions against the ‘Black Coat’ could be taken.

“When Black Coat members offend, they are imprisoned in the guard room for a period of time before being released. “I once saw the group stuffing drinks into one of the officers’ refrigerator,” he claimed.

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Asante claimed to have eavesdropped on some of the ‘Black Coat’s plans for their activities in prison.

Other officers’ attempts to find him a new sleeping quarters were thwarted, he claimed, because some of the prison officers were in bed with the ‘Black Coat.’

After surviving the attacks, an enraged Asante stated that he wants to expose illegal dealings in the prison.

watch the video below

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