Watch: Bawumia drags Mahama to the gutters

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has said that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has demonstrated commendable governance, warranting the support of Ghanaians for another term in office.

According to him, the NPP government has performed extremely well in areas including Zongo development, railways, roads, health, education and others.

He said that with his extensive digitalization endeavors, which he rates at 70%, Ghanaians would not opt for a candidate who achieved only 20% during his tenure in government.

Speaking at the Unity Walk dubbed “It is possible” that was held in Kwahu and monitored by GhanaWeb, Bawumia touted the achievements of the NPP and pooh-poohed that of the NDC.

“When you look at international reserve, Zongo development, roads, railways, airport, interchanges, schools, hospitals, public libraries, digitalization, Ghana Card, mobile money interoperability, digital address, e-pharmacy and in almost everything, we have performed better. These are just a few that I have mentioned. Everybody could attest to the fact that the NPP has really worked hard.

“Yet, somebody [Mahama] claims we should vote for him because he has done well, have you heard this before? Imagine you’ve written an exam with somebody and you scored 70% while the person got 20% and wants to be voted into power. What kind of mathematics is this? How do you expect the one who scored high to be rejected? This mathematics is what I call ‘Akonfem mathematics.’”

During John Mahama’s presidency, a controversy arose over the disappearance of guinea fowls, known locally as ‘Akonfem,’ which had been procured by the state.

Even though Mahama has denied they were stolen, his opponents continue to use the incident to spite him in political campaigns.

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Watch the video below.

Source: Ghanaweb.com

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  1. Bawumia is actually “sick”. Talking of Akonfem mathematics! He thinks Ghanaians will buy into these comedian gimmicks. What has NPP done in the Zongos? .Does he think the people are fools. He will not talk of the economic mess, higher prices in everything, the naked thievery and corruption, the Aboboyaa mathematics and caterpillar arithmetic ala professor Boateng, the stolen rice from harbour to distribute , to muslims, the escape of the dollar from the IGPs cells, the Dum sie sue, the lack of projects in Ashanti but impudently marks his poor performance as head of EMT 70%. This man has no iota of shame. Where is the Capecoast Airport and Seaport?. How about the YaNas Yendi Airstrip?. These are matters to be addressed not digitalisation which fibre optics uou didn’t know how they came about. He forgets that Mahama built the the Accra Digital centre and commissioned it. No lies will fly this time around. JM is not your size. JM is prosecuting 24 hour economy and has no time for your childishness. Please grow. The YaNa advised you. Listen!

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