What Is VAR and What is it Used For?

Recently, referees utilized Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in a few games, including the English FA Cup, and successfully demonstrated its effective application. However, the technique consumes considerable time in a game that enthusiasts most when players execute it quickly with minimal interruptions.

VAR assists referees but interrupts the game flow. Decisions upset managers, players, and spectators. It often delays matches, reducing excitement. In addition to that, the system is not completely failsafe.

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The following is a list of the functions that the VAR performs in football:

  1. A game-altering occurrence takes place, such as a player scoring a goal, the referee awarding a penalty, a player receiving a red card, or, in extremely unusual circumstances, a player receiving a yellow card*. This comprises scenarios in which the events that came before didn’t take place, even if they ought to have.
  2. The video assistant referee actively analyzes the play while the game is still in progress. The VAR and their team examine the play from various perspectives to ensure that they make no errors, either causing or preventing the occurrence of the scenarios described in step 1.
  3. VAR uses earpieces for communication, alerting referees to errors. Referee pauses play, reviews footage, stays in touch with VAR.
    A conclusion has been reached: Take the decision after viewing the footage in its entirety. If the referee believes that the call he made was an obvious mistake, then he will reverse the decision that he previously made.

This only applies to circumstances in which the referee issued a yellow card to the incorrect player. If you take this action, it can completely alter the game strategy because when players receive yellow cards, they play the game very differently.

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