Young Adults Share The Harsh Adulting Peer Pressure They Are Dealing With

When you were young, you are made to believe that once you become an adult, you get to make your own choices free from any unnecessary pressure.

Back in school, one thing parents and teachers often warn us about is to make sure we don’t break under peer pressure.

At the time peer pressure was associated with friends forcing you to steal, smoke, have sex and a lot of other things they collectively called ‘social vices’.

Little did we know that even in adulthood there is still peer pressure, except that it is recognised more as the society pressuring you to do something rather than your group of friends.

Even when a lot of the time the pressure is actually coming from friends and family.

Just like childhood, in adulthood one gets to deal with peer pressure and thanks to the folks on Twitter, we are having conversations about some of these things.

Casual sex is not for everyone.

When lack of commitment is cool.


Every damn year.

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Facts only.

This is messing up a lot of people.

Us everyday.

Not everyone wants to get married.

This pressure is real even during work social events.

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