10 Interesting Facts About Kumasi Ghana

Kumasi, also known as the Garden City, is a beautiful city in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Ghana. It is the headquarters of commercial, industrial and cultural activities of the Asante. The city lies about 300 miles north of the equator and barely 100 miles to the north of Gulf of Guinea. Individuals who have not been to Ghana know little about this city.

The ancient capital of the Ashanti kingdom, Kumasi is still the heart of Ashanti country and the site of West Africa’s largest cultural center, the palace of the Ashanti king. Tradition is held very high in Kumasi and blends very well with modernity. There is a wide range of attractions in Kumasi, even those who have visited the city may not know some of the following little-known facts about Kumasi Ghana.

Facts About Kumasi Ghana

Kumasi Ghana Facts

1. It is one of the oldest cities, not only in Ghana but also in Africa

The rise and development of Kumasi dates back to 1695 when it became part of the capital of the Ashanti Confederacy. Since that time, the city has beaten all the odds to emerge one of the wealthiest towns in Ghana. To date, the city holds a very important place in the history of the Ashanti people.

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2. It is the second largest traffic hub in Ghana

Accra is the capital city of Ghana. The capital city is the country’s largest traffic hub. On the other hand, Kumasi is growing at a fast rate such that a person who has never been to the country will confuse Kumasi for Accra. The commercial activities that take place in the city are many and it attracts participants not only from Ghana but also from other parts of the world. Kumasi lies 250 kilometers to the North of Accra. Getting there from Accra is not a problem. A person can use airplanes, buses, trains, taxis and a local transportation system, commonly referred to as tro-tro.

3. It was the capital of the Ashanti capital

Heard of the Ashanti kingdom before? The headquarters of that Kingdom was Kumasi. In fact, the city is the leading cultural center in West Africa.

4. It is the headquarters of major tourist attractions in Ghana

Perhaps you want to visit Ghana and you have no idea about where to commence your tourist activities, Kumasi is the place to start. Key features in the city are the ancient fort Kumasi, the Kumasi hat museum, etc. There is also the Kumasi National cultural center where you will get a chance to explore different Asante’s regalia including the golden stool. Be sure to shop in the Kumasi central market too. The market will see you obtain different indigenous and modern products.

5. It is one of the wealthiest cities in Africa

Many people wonder how such an old city can emerge a wealthy city. There is a vast deposit of Gold in Kumasi and this has been attributed to be the major source of Kumasi’s wealth. Hardwood and cocoa have also contributed significantly towards the wealth of the city.

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6. It holds 50% of the timber industry in Ghana

The timber industry in Ghana traces its strong foundation to Kumasi. Visiting the Kaasai industrial area will explain this.

7. The major source of energy is solar

If you have been questioning the strength of solar energy, wait until you visit Kumasi before you can validate your doubt. Solar panels are prevalent in this city. The solar technology is so advanced that it can be used to power the heaviest machines that you can think about. This fact could explain why Kumasi has always been applauded in the use of alternative sources of energy.

8. It is the home of the professional wrestler, Kofi Kingston

The famous professional wrestler, Kofi Kingston, was born in Kumasi. The city has also produced several other sportsmen. The administration of the city values sports very much and that is why it has provided facilities that will enable sports enthusiasts to exploit their talents. The Kumasi sports stadium is one of those facilities. The city has also produced successful golfers and footballers.

9. It is a peaceful city

According to the Global peace index, Kumasi is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Ghana as a country is very peaceful and its marks are attributed to Kumasi. This argument can be used to explain why most tourists prefer visiting Ghana, especially Kumasi, during holidays.

10. It is the home of the largest natural lake in Ghana

The lake is Lake Bosumtwi and it lies in the southeastern part of Kumasi. The lake is very significant to the Ashanti.

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