5 Types Of People Everyone Hates At Family Functions

The reason that there are so many stereotypes about Ghanaian family events is because so many of them are true. Whenever there’s a family event, especially one where your family is hosting you need to start preparing yourself for a world of stress. However, you can always reduce that stress by knowing who to avoid during family events. Here are 5 types of people you should definitely avoid at family functions.

The Old Women Who Keep Asking When You’re Going To Get Married

If you’re past the age of 25 then you can’t attend a family event without being asked when you’re planning to get married. These older women don’t care if you’re even dating or not. Whether or not you can afford a girlfriend or if you’re a girl whether you have any suitable prospects is irrelevant to them. ‘Just do then marry.’

‘You’ve Put On Weight Oh’

There are some family members that have the same MO every single time. Whenever they see you they’ll use the chance to tell you that you’ve put on weight. If you’re a guy that tends to be a compliment, but if you’re a woman then it’s either a backhanded compliment or a straight up attack on your person.

The Overachieving Cousins

These people always can’t wait to tell you what’s happening in their lives. They have probably just started their PHD after completing their Master’s and can’t wait to rub it in your face. These are always the cousins that are going to have your parents asking ‘why can’t you be more like Kwesi?’ or ‘why can’t you be more like Naa?’

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The Children Who See You As A Rich Aunty Or Rich Uncle

While you yourself are thinking of how to get some money out of the family members that you haven’t seen in a while, there are also children plotting to get their due from you. The minute they spot you at the function they know that at least some coins will enter their pockets from yours.

Do You Know Who I Am?

At family functions there are always going to be a few faces that will be unfamiliar to you. It’s usually a good idea to start walking in the other direction when you see someone and you have no clue who they are. If you don’t, you’re always going to walk head first into an awkward situation where you can’t say you don’t know them, but you actually don’t know them.

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