7 TikTok Abbreviations That You Have To Be A Cool Kid To Know

ATP it’s safe to say that TikTok has taken over everywhere. The trends on the app find their themselves onto other apps until they’ve invaded everyone’s POV. TikTok has even spawned off an entirely new digital dialect that only cool people can keep up with. And TFW a new slang or abbreviation is being used and you have no idea what it means is just the worst. That’s why we’re making sure that our readers have got all the new terms on lock. Here are 7 TikTok abbreviations that you should know if you’re on the internet in this TikTok era.

1. ATP – At This Point

Eg: We are in the 7th week, ATP, can the government refund our school fees.

2. POV – Point Of View

Eg: From my POV, I think the girl was wrong for cheating in her bf

3. TFW – That Feeling When

Eg: TFW you hit your elbow against a wall

4. OOMF – One Of My Friends/Followers

Eg: So OOMF asked me the percentage of my battery before giving me my charger

5. IMO – In My Opinion

Eg: IMO, waakye is overrated sha

6. FR – For Real

Eg: Fr this Camidoh new song is a jam

7. SMH – Shaking My Head

Tip: it comes with the emoji (🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️)
Eg: Most of you are choosing banana over watermelon? Smh

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