How Scammers Have Devised Three New Methods Of Getting Your Money

This country is hot, both in terms of temperature and just trying to live a soft life… or even live at all.

The economy is hitting all of us in so many cruel ways we just need some form of dope creativity to keep life going.

While some a being creative by doing some legit hustling here and there are others who are also finding shortcuts to get your money.

In the past three days alone, we have seen reports of three different scams making rounds on social media.

One of such schemes has been highlighted by the GCB bank in a statement as some of its customers are falling victim.

Scammers are reportedly pretending to be staff of the bank and calling up customers of the bank and asking them for information about their accounts. They then use this information to defraud the unsuspecting victims.

Others have also shared how people are taking advantage of online payment platforms to defraud young entrepreneurs. In a recently narrated incident, an alleged fraudster pretended to have paid for products using a particular online payment platform.

When the young entrepreneur believed that payment had gone through and handed over the products, the payment was declined by the person. By the time the entrepreneur realised this the products were already gone.

Just yesterday, even Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was apparently chatting up Ghanaians and offering a free scholarship to study at Oxford. Except, it wasn’t Queen Elizabeth and the scholarship wasn’t ‘free’… it came at a GHS 5,000 cost. Which is clearly a scam.

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If you’re a young business owner, you need to implement stringent ways to prevent customers from scamming you.

Also, just don’t give your banking details on the phone to people claiming to represent anyone, especially when you are not the one who called the bank’s customer service line.

Also, when something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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