Ghanaian Audiences Struggle to Access Local Content Due to Lack of Investment

Ghanaian audiences are facing difficulties accessing local content due to a lack of investment from television stations, according to industry experts.

Despite the availability of platforms like cinemas and YouTube, experts believe that television stations play a crucial role in distributing Ghanaian movies. However, they argue that producers often face challenges in securing funding, leading to limited content production.

To address this issue, Shirley Frimpong-Manso emphasize the need for television stations to invest in acquiring Ghanaian content.

Speaking to Belinda Quansah, she asserted that purchasing rights to these movies would not only benefit audiences but also support local producers.

“You make the content, you’re not about to give it off for free,” she said.

“Ghanaian television stations need to invest in acquiring the Ghanaian content that producers have made and pay for it.”

However, she believes that, if television stations should resort to alternative methods, such as barter systems and a more structured approach, involving direct payments and negotiations, would ensure a sustainable model for both producers and distributors.

Story by: Belinda Quansah

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