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I Just Paid My Boss Back For Hitting And Running On My Gender

I just paid my boss back for hitting and running on my gender. So the story goes like: he caught me busily browsing on Facebook and took my phone away.

I was actually reading one of the hit and run posts here so I guess he continued reading the story and brought up the topic on how he has done that to so many ladies. My faced changed there norrr and he started laughing. Ooh God, only God knows what i wanted to say but I needed my salary too.

He asked me if I have been in that situation before and I said no. I took my phone and went back to my seat, but had a plan for him. I started watching his status and commenting, and he did the same😄 too naive

2 weeks ago I was online around 1am because I couldn’t sleep, mind you I am a young divorcee so sometimes I wake up to cry about my pain😄. He sent me a message asking me to sleep because I will be going to work the following day.

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