Looking For A Laugh? You Need To See These Hilarious Specials On Netflix

When the adulting thing gets critical, the one thing that we could all use is a good laugh. If you don’t remember the last time that you laughed uncontrollably we’re here to fix that. These are the some of the most hilarious specials on Netflix that you’ll want to add to your list as soon as possible for some quality laughs.

Def Comedy Jam 25

Image via Film Affinity

Let’s start this list off with a big bang. This special is probably the funniest thing that you’re going to experience all week. It features an all-star cast of your favourite African American comedians from TV and movies including Dave Chappell, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, P Diddy and a host more of comedic giants. There is no way you’re going to sit through these acts without finding yourself laughing your heart out. It’s also a good idea to not watch this while you’re eating. That’s 100% a choking hazard.

Kevin Hart – Irresponsible

Image via IMDB

Yes, you’ve seen Kevin Hart in movies and he’s usually a riot. However, if you’re watching Kevin Hart perform stand-up it’s a whole other ball game entirely. On this special, Kevin Hart tells different stories about himself and his family which are all supposedly true but are also so out of pocket that they’re literally going to leave you on the floor with laughter. Fair warning though, some of these jokes are not for the faint of heart.

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Trevor Noah – Son Of Patricia

Image via Pacosite’s Blog

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian that you might know from the Daily Show. If you’ve never heard of him though, then this is the perfect introduction to the man, and the comedian. Son of Patricia is hilarious because it shows just what it shows the hilarious and accurate perspective of an African moving to the US and how very different the cultures of the two continents are. Some of the jokes on this special aren’t just laugh out loud funny; they will actually leave you clutching your sides and struggling to catch your breath.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast

Image via The Indian Express

If you grew up a Jonas brother’s fan or listening to their music then this special is going to break your heart– but in the funniest way possible. It doesn’t make sense why people would agree to sit down and be roasted by professional roasters but we’re here for the violence. This no-holds-barred roast will have you laughing your ass off but in a very ‘I hope their family survives this special’ kind of way.

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